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Flatpack Log Store

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Product Specification
Product: Log Store
Assembled size:
Height: 1.53m
Width: 1.2m
Depth: 0.53m
Uses: Storing wood
Delivered: Flatpack (unassembled)
Product Code:

Description and Application
This attractive log store can neatly store away your logs. The log store has an open back and sides as well as a raised floor to allow a continuous air flow to allow the wood to dry effectively. Offering a weatherproof roof the log store ensures your logs remain out of harsh weather conditions. The log store is made from pressure treated timber therefore it will not need treating. This log store is generously sized and would easily hold 1cm of wood.

Offering a very durable design the log store will last you for many years. Should you require additional storage you can always position another log store side by side. This log store will ensure that your wood remains dry so that the wood will burn cleanly as well as providing maximum heat.

How To Assemble The Log Store
Please note that this log store comes unassembled. Follow these simple instructions on how to quickly assemble the log store in your garden.

1. Place the base of the log store on a flat surface

2. Begin to nail the sides of the log store onto the base at the bottom

3. Proceed to nail the parcel shelf to the wood store

4. Lie the log store on its front and nail the back piece to create the back of the log store

5. Position the log store upright and begin nailing the roof on

Availability on Flatpack Log Store
We can usually accommodate a next day delivery service if the product is ordered before 1pm for an additional cost. Normal delivery is 2-3 working days from when the order is placed. The delivery is also subject to weather conditions and stock levels.The product will arrive flatpack.

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